Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

The multi-award winning Larmer Tree Festival has been going since 1990. It is held in the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens  on the Dorset border with Wiltshire. It is an intimate, family friendly event and one that is suitable for fans of many musical tastes.

It’s not just the music that is worth coming for – the festival has plenty of decent places to eat and places to chill out with a coffee or a beer or two.

Peacocks can be seen wandering amongst the partying crowds and they are an icon of the festival.

Granny Turismo

Granny Turismo

The event is held over a long weekend in July and boasts 6 stages, including the ornately decorated Garden Stage. There are also plenty of hand-on workshops on anything from Salsa dancing to willow sculpture and they are all included in the price of the ticket.

Random entertainment will also come to you, whether it’s the hilarious Granny Turismo or Misguided Tours you can be sure you will see something that takes your interest even if you don’t go looking for it.

The Sunday highlight at  Larmer Tree Festival is the Carnival Procession.  This is where the hard work of those attending the carnival workshops can be seen by everyone as the procession winds its way through the idyllic gardens and past the main stage.

There will be no festival in 2017 but it’s back in 2018.


Photos of Larmer Tree Festival 2016

Larmer Tree Festival 2016

Jamie Cullum to headline Larmer Tree Festival 2016

Larmer Tree Festival 2015

Photos of Larmer Tree Festival 2015

Larmer Tree Festival 2014

Photos of Larmer Tree Festival 2014

Larmer Tree Festival 2013

Photos of Larmer Tree Festival 2013

Larmer Tree Festival 2012

Photos of Larmer Tree Festival 2011