Dorset waterfalls

If the sound of falling water is your thing, then you’ll love these Dorset waterfalls, from inland falls to those that spill directly onto the beach.

Compton Acres Waterfall

This waterfall is in the ornamental gardens of Compton Acres, Poole. If you go to the Wooded Valley, you’ll find several small pools and water cascading from them.

Kimmeridge Bay Waterfall

From Kimmeridge Bay, head in the direction of the Clavell Tower and this waterfall can be spotted tumbling from the cliff into the sea.

Little Bredy

Little Bredy Waterfall

Head to the lovely village of Littlebredy to find this gem. You can walk from the church to Bridehead Lake which feeds the River Bride. The waterfall is where the lake and chalk stream meet, with a meadow alongside. The waterfall was featured in the TV series Broadchurch.

Osmington Mills Waterfall

These falls are slightly harder to reach. A fairly steep path starting near the Smuggler’s Inn takes you directly down to the small but lovely falls.

Osmington Mills Waterfall