Help find the forgotten Sheroes of Dorchester

Six men, one dog, a Queen and a horse. This is the representation of civic monuments in the county town of Dorchester!

Drummer the dray horse who was the last to be based at the brewery in the 1970s

This month, Dorchester Sheroes has launched a new campaign to find Dorchester’s unsung and forgotten women of the town. It turns out the team behind Mary Anning Rocks has one last statue in them.

So, who Are We Putting on Pedestals?

The representation of statues in our shared landscapes holds great significance, as public art serves as a reflection of how we honour and champion individuals within our communities, those who we think are worthy and should be remembered. That’s why making women an equal part of that experience is essential.

Did you know 85% of statues in the UK are of men, and only 3% are statues of women? There are more statues of men called John than of all non-royal named women put together.

In the whole of the Southwest of England, which includes Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, there are only three full-size statues celebrating named women in a whopping 13,000 square km of the UK.

Help find Dorchester’s Sheroes

This campaign will be run as a community project in conjunction with local schools, clubs and societies and has the full backing and support of the Dorchester Joint Heritage Committee.

Dorchester Sheroes are asking people to contact them with their suggestions at or via Facebook – @DorcehsterSheroes