Great Dorset Steam Fair Rollers Crush World Record

Rollers congregate after rolling the road

Rollers congregate after rolling the road

On 31st August 2013 the world record for the greatest number of steam rollers in a formation over a set course was broken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair showground, exactly 10 years later than the previous record!

102 steam rollers took part in the world record attempt as part of the GDSF 2013 Roller Special, on a brand new road created in the road making section at the event. This smashed the previous record of 32 from 31st August 2003, which was also held by the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

The world record attempt has been officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records Ltd and one of the independent witnesses was Colin Tyson of Old Glory Magazine, a well respected figure in the steam industry.

Great Dorset Steam Fair Managing Director Martin Oliver, said: “Wow, what a sight! We are so privileged to be in the presence of so many beautiful engines and to have broken the world record is just phenomenal. I would like to personally thank everyone involved as well as all our visitors, without whom we could never have achieved this triumph.”

Some of the requirements for the world record attempt were as follows:

  • All vehicles must be standard steam rollers with a heavy roller used for smoothing road surfaces
  •  All vehicles participating in this world record attempt must be moving

The attempt featured a unique range of steam, petrol and diesel rollers from the leading manufacturers throughout the history of road rolling. As well as examples from the more common manufacturers, there were also those on show from the rarer makes of roller with some even attending from abroad.