Where to find spring blossom in Dorset

Spring is a lovely time of year with gardens starting to bloom after winter. Cherry, apple and plum blossom, magnolias and camellias all put on a fabulous display which attracts plenty of bees and butterflies.

Spring blossom at Kingston Lacy

If you’re looking for the joys of spring, then Kingston Lacy is the garden for you.

There are several different varieties of cherry in pinks and whites, including Pandora and Shogestu, Ukon and Tai-Haku.

See the cherry blossom in the Japanese Garden and the Tea Garden.

Spring blossom at Kingston Lacy
Spring blossom at Kingston Lacy

Sakuru Cherry Tree Project

One hundred cherry trees were planted in the Japanese Garden in 2021 as part of the Sakuru Cherry Tree project to celebrate cooperation and friendship between Japan and Britain. Japan gifted the trees and they should still bloom well into the 22nd century.

There’s also a lovely camellia walk and some stunning magnolias.

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens is also a great place to see magnolias. The four oldest in the collection are thought to have been planted in the late nineteenth century. Some of the blooms are as big as a teacup.