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Photos of Sherborne Festive Event 2012

A tribute to Mr P.R.Cowles, 86 (Lymington) Olympic Torchbearer

JOY EDKINS (59) West Parley, Torchbearer on the Olympic Torch route in Hamworthy writes about the late PETER COWLES: A tribute to our father, Peter Cowles (86) from Milford on Sea, Lymington, who sadly passed away 4th April 2012 just two weeks after being selected as one of the Olympic torch bearers for carrying the […]

Photos of Olympic Torch in Shaftesbury

Dorset Police rescue the work of blind author Trish Vickers

Dorset Police have helped blind author Trish Vickers from Charmouth recover her work using specialist forensic techniques. Trish has diabetes and lost her sight seven years ago.  Using a system of elastic bands, she was in the process of writing her debut novel ‘ Grannifer’s Legacy ‘ when her pen ran out of ink. Not […]

Loss of Titanic felt in Dorset

When RMS titanic struck an iceberg and sank the loss was felt in Dorset. Whilst some were lucky enough to be rescued, other perished in the icy waters. Alfonzo Meo, 48, was a musician from Bournemouth who boarded the ship in Southampton. He was heading for Washington. When the ship went down he was one […]